AltSys Solar Inc.’s crews consist of a three person, certified, photovoltaic installation roof crew and one certified electrician. They are all very courteous, professional and efficient. On an average sized home of three bedrooms and two bathrooms with normal usage they can complete the job in one day, with every component ready for the city inspector to examine. Once the inspector passes the work as safe and up to code, the utility company will issue a PTO, or permission to operate, and flip the switch.

From that point forward the system is fully functional and silently working to provide your family with the energy it requires to live in comfort. Our techs install a system that can be monitored from any computer or smart device to view production versus usage, allowing system owners to know when they are using too much energy and in danger of pulling from the power grid, resulting in a bill from the utility company.

To learn more about the products AltSys Solar Inc. uses, as well as information about monitoring, warranties and longevity, please see the product links below.

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Preferred Products- by Top Manufacturers

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Solar Income Tax Credit (ITC)

One of the greatest incentives for deciding to move away from the monopoly of the utility companies, other than helping to save the entire planet one solar module at a time, is the tax credit that follows. Along with the money you’ll save by harnessing the power of the sun and cutting out the middle man, the government has decreed to reward go greeners with a 30% tax incentive that you’ll receive when you file your taxes for that fiscal year.

However, AltSys Solar Inc. urges all to begin the process with all haste, as this tax credit will not remain 30% forever but will begin to drop in 2020. More information can be found in the links below.

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AltSys Solar Inc. prides itself on the ability to provide homeowners and business owners with whatever financial option best suits his or her needs. Having a wide range of options to choose from can sometimes seem daunting, but our sales team is ready to assist in finding the one that will maximize savings and cater to your individual financial situation.

Secured and unsecured loans, power purchase agreements (PPA’s) and leases are just a few of the ways in which one can finance a solar system. A common misconception in the general community is that unless you have cash on hand you must have great credit in order to get a solar loan. AltSys Solar Inc. works in conjunction with government programs that allow one to qualify for a loan based on home equity. This is called a PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, loan and is paid through your property taxes.

Below is a list of Credit Unions and Programs that AltSys Solar Inc. utilizes for financing, as well as information that you can read at your convenience to better acquaint yourself with the financial process and requirements.

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Client Information & Design

Here at AltSys Solar Inc. we strive to provide quality products and excellent customer service that is stress free for our clientele. Although this website is designed to provide you with the information to better understand the endeavor you are about to embark upon, our sales team is prepared to perform every task and create a proposal for you at absolutely no charge.

This process begins with attaining very basic information about you, the customer (which can be viewed by clicking the “Get Started” button below.) Our sales team will set an appointment to meet with you at the site to gather information in regards to your main service panel, roof type, utility service, shading and any other pertinent information deemed necessary to create an accurate design that suits your specific needs.

Once this information is attained our design team goes to work creating a system that meets or exceeds your energy consumption needs. You are then provided with the most economical options available to you, shown a real life picture of what the system would look like on the home or business and given an internal cost sheet. This transparency is what makes AltSys Solar Inc. unique. It ensures that our clients are kept informed on how every dime of your hard earned money will be utilized. No hidden fees. No gimmicks. Just the energy and the products that are required to provide you with an energy solution that makes sense and saves dollars.

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Commercial Solar Ground Mount

renewable energy sources


Have a small business and want to go solar? There are too many reasons to get your company running on solar. Right now California business have more reasons to go solar than homeowners. Here is a list of some of the tax incentives and rebates available to companies right now.

3-5 Year Return on Investment (Like a 15% tax-free CD)
50% Bonus Depreciation and 5-Year MACRS Depreciation
30% Federal Tax Credit
10% Utility Rebate
Section 179 Deduction (up to $125,000 for 2012)
30+ Years of Fixed Electrical Costs

solar panel installation


Solar benefits your business from day one by reducing and fixing your electrical costs for 30 years, and it also reduces your air conditioning load by shading your existing roof.

Solar has a quick return on the investment and insulates businesses from rising energy prices.

Assorted String Inverters


We provide inverters that have excellent quality and reliable manufacturing. We enjoy working with a wide range of products and advise anyone looking at a PV system to consider the conditions of their site as they compare the benefits of String inverters versus the Module-level optimization from Enphase or SolarEdge…

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

We offer two kinds and two sizes of Tier-1 solar panels:

  • Poly-crystalline or Mono-crystalline
  • 60-cell for Residential or 72-cell for Ag/Commercial

Reliability, efficiency, and longevity are the all important factors that we consider when picking solar panels for our projects.

solar railings

Rails and Racking

High-quality rails from top-tier manufacturers give our clients the peace of mind they need when it comes to the roof over their heads.

Quick installation of solar panel racks means time saved during install, so those savings are passed onto our customers.

Quick Mount PV

Roof-Mounting Hardware

Having dependable roof mounting hardware is paramount when designing your PV-rooftop electrical system, so you can rest assured that we use only certified products…

We will treat your roof with respect and strive to maintain its integrity as our first priority during a solar-rooftop installation!

Solar Ground Mount

Array Structure Hardware

These mounts must be robust since they are freestanding and have no additional support. We take pride in selecting only the finest solar-array structure products for our projects.

When help with building a larger shade structure or carport is needed, only certified local contractors are acceptable for Altsys Solar projects!

solar energy system

Service Distribution Panels

Getting your electrical systems connected just right can often mean including one of these units.

As the main safety device for protecting your home’s electrical distribution network (and also “The Grid” that it is connected to), having this equipment correctly sized and properly modified is as important, if not more than, any other consideration when installing your own energy-generating “facility”… Altsys Solar operates with both a C-46 Solar AND a C-10 contractor’s license, so leave it to us and be sure that you are in good hands!

Solar Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Solutions for running PV electrical systems off grid, and also for managing Peak Demand with On-grid systems will soon become standard practice for all solar installations.