Client Information & Design

Here at AltSys Solar Inc. we strive to provide quality products and excellent customer service that is stress free for our clientele. Although this website is designed to provide you with the information to better understand the endeavor you are about to embark upon, our sales team is prepared to perform every task and create a proposal for you at absolutely no charge.

This process begins with attaining very basic information about you, the customer (which can be viewed by clicking the “Get Started” button below.) Our sales team will set an appointment to meet with you at the site to gather information in regards to your main service panel, roof type, utility service, shading and any other pertinent information deemed necessary to create an accurate design that suits your specific needs.

Once this information is attained our design team goes to work creating a system that meets or exceeds your energy consumption needs. You are then provided with the most economical options available to you, shown a real life picture of what the system would look like on the home or business and given an internal cost sheet. This transparency is what makes AltSys Solar Inc. unique. It ensures that our clients are kept informed on how every dime of your hard earned money will be utilized. No hidden fees. No gimmicks. Just the energy and the products that are required to provide you with an energy solution that makes sense and saves dollars.

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