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Solar Array Structure Hardware


The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines the strength of their rails with locally-sourced steel pipes (or mechanical tubing) to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any terrain challenge at installation site.

Installation is simple with only a few structural components; plus no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. The System works with a variety of foundation options, like concrete piers and driven piles…

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One of the biggest international suppliers of solar racking products and so they offer not just one but three options for Ground-based Solar Arrays: 

Sigma Pure- the most ideal ground mount system, pre-engineered system with off-the-shelve components, immediately available through your local distributor for a convenient ground mount solution, for projects under 100 kW.

Sigma Alu- Best suited for projects over 100 kW, by being one of the most flexible designs available accommodating project specifications…

Sigma Steel- The design of aluminum with the strength of steel. It is designed specifically for commercial- and larger utility-scale systems.

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