Product Manufacturers- That we prefer:

Roof-Mounting Hardware

SnapNrack wide logo

Solar energy equipment supplier whose claim to fame being that their products have “Snap-in” technology and pre-assembly of hardware for greatly reducing the installation time required… Reducing labor costs while still keeping very high quality standards makes them a “Go-To” option here at Altsys Solar; this gives us the opportunity to pass more savings onto YOU (the consumer) without reducing the quality of install!

A Sunrun Inc company, based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Quick Mount PV logo

Since 2006, Quick Mount PV has advanced rooftop solar through its innovative, high-quality waterproof mounting systems. Committed to producing the industry’s most advanced solar mounting systems, Quick Mount PV has industry-leading R&D, engineering, product testing and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing in California.

Their products are approved by leading roofing manufacturers, meet or exceed roofing best practices, and are 100 percent compliant with the International Building Code… So YOU can rest assured that your roof will be not be worse off after having any of these certified products installed on it!

Made in USA products.

Chem Link logo

Although this company does not manufacture products specifically for the solar market, they do have many products for contractors working with roof construction… They formulate and manufacture high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, and related products; which do help greatly when it comes to mounting solar on residential roofs!

All Chem Link products are formulated and engineered for exceptional performance and safety; always non-toxic and present no threat to human health during manufacture or in the field.

Made in USA products, company based in Michigan.

Ecofasten logo

Widely used for many environments, from dry,hot and sandy desert climates to cold and snowy areas, this company has produced a variety of products aimed squarely at maintaining your roof’s integrity.

Experts in snow management when it comes to mounting solar.

Made in USA product manufacturer.