Assorted String Inverters


We provide inverters that have excellent quality and reliable manufacturing. We enjoy working with a wide range of products and advise anyone looking at a PV system to consider the conditions of their site as they compare the benefits of String inverters versus the Module-level optimization from Enphase or SolarEdge…

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

We offer two kinds and two sizes of Tier-1 solar panels:

  • Poly-crystalline or Mono-crystalline
  • 60-cell for Residential or 72-cell for Ag/Commercial

Reliability, efficiency, and longevity are the all important factors that we consider when picking solar panels for our projects.

solar railings

Rails and Racking

High-quality rails from top-tier manufacturers give our clients the peace of mind they need when it comes to the roof over their heads.

Quick installation of solar panel racks means time saved during install, so those savings are passed onto our customers.

Quick Mount PV

Roof-Mounting Hardware

Having dependable roof mounting hardware is paramount when designing your PV-rooftop electrical system, so you can rest assured that we use only certified products…

We will treat your roof with respect and strive to maintain its integrity as our first priority during a solar-rooftop installation!

Solar Ground Mount

Array Structure Hardware

These mounts must be robust since they are freestanding and have no additional support. We take pride in selecting only the finest solar-array structure products for our projects.

When help with building a larger shade structure or carport is needed, only certified local contractors are acceptable for Altsys Solar projects!

solar energy system

Service Distribution Panels

Getting your electrical systems connected just right can often mean including one of these units.

As the main safety device for protecting your home’s electrical distribution network (and also “The Grid” that it is connected to), having this equipment correctly sized and properly modified is as important, if not more than, any other consideration when installing your own energy-generating “facility”… Altsys Solar operates with both a C-46 Solar AND a C-10 contractor’s license, so leave it to us and be sure that you are in good hands!

Home Battery Install

Battery Storage

Solutions for running PV electrical systems off grid, and also for managing Peak Demand with On-grid systems will soon become standard practice for all solar installations.