AltSys Solar Inc.’s crews consist of a three person, certified, photovoltaic installation roof crew and one certified electrician. They are all very courteous, professional and efficient. On an average sized home of three bedrooms and two bathrooms with normal usage they can complete the job in one day, with every component ready for the city inspector to examine. Once the inspector passes the work as safe and up to code, the utility company will issue a PTO, or permission to operate, and flip the switch.

From that point forward the system is fully functional and silently working to provide your family with the energy it requires to live in comfort. Our techs install a system that can be monitored from any computer or smart device to view production versus usage, allowing system owners to know when they are using too much energy and in danger of pulling from the power grid, resulting in a bill from the utility company.

To learn more about the products AltSys Solar Inc. uses, as well as information about monitoring, warranties and longevity, please see the product links below.

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