Photos & Cinematography -With Camera Drone

As a means of creating a visual portfolio of our installations, we have begun capturing aerial shots of completed projects with our camera-equipped drone for all to enjoy.

Click on one below to see some great examples of past projects.

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Visalia Vantage

Designed to fit around obstructions like the pieces of a puzzle, this installation was destined to turn heads.

Tulare Taper

Tapering off at the end, this design is a great example of how many different ways panels can be placed, even on one roof, and still look fantastic.

Strathmore Solar

Drawing their water from the earth using the power of the sun, this family powers their well pump with a beautifully simple ground mount on the edge of their property.

Porterville Precision

Specifically designed to accommodate solar, this family built a garage/storage shed and wasted no space by using the roof to power it AND their home!

Tulare Transition

Located behind this family’s home, passerby have no clue that this family is actively reducing carbon emissions.

Visalia Visage

Sometimes the simplest designs can make the biggest impact, as with this average sized home in Visalia, CA.

Gorgeous Ground Mount

Located by the foothills on a spacious property, this family was able to place their system out of sight and out of mind.

Visalia Vantage by HHP

Tulare Tableau by HHP

Tulare Tract by HHP

Hitchhiker Pictures Compilation

Farmer’s Facets

What does a farmer need but sun and water? Plenty of solar to account for it’s expense!

Virtual Validation in Visalia by HHP

Editing by Hitchhiker Pictures

Fresno Fill

An average sized home with an appetite for kWh, this install proves just how much solar a 3 bedroom can attain when the conditions are right.

Porterville Property

A beautiful install on the outskirts of Porterville. This is a prime example of a job well done!