Commercial Solar Ground Mount
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Have a small business and want to go solar? There are too many reasons to get your company running on solar. Right now California business have more reasons to go solar than homeowners. Here is a list of some of the tax incentives and rebates available to companies right now.

3-5 Year Return on Investment (Like a 15% tax-free CD)
50% Bonus Depreciation and 5-Year MACRS Depreciation
30% Federal Tax Credit
10% Utility Rebate
Section 179 Deduction (up to $125,000 for 2012)
30+ Years of Fixed Electrical Costs

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Solar benefits your business from day one by reducing and fixing your electrical costs for 30 years, and it also reduces your air conditioning load by shading your existing roof.

Solar has a quick return on the investment and insulates businesses from rising energy prices.