AltSys Solar Inc. prides itself on the ability to provide homeowners and business owners with whatever financial option best suits his or her needs. Having a wide range of options to choose from can sometimes seem daunting, but our sales team is ready to assist in finding the one that will maximize savings and cater to your individual financial situation.

Secured and unsecured loans, power purchase agreements (PPA’s) and leases are just a few of the ways in which one can finance a solar system. A common misconception in the general community is that unless you have cash on hand you must have great credit in order to get a solar loan. AltSys Solar Inc. works in conjunction with government programs that allow one to qualify for a loan based on home equity. This is called a PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, loan and is paid through your property taxes.

Below is a list of Credit Unions and Programs that AltSys Solar Inc. utilizes for financing, as well as information that you can read at your convenience to better acquaint yourself with the financial process and requirements.

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