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As a Re-Seller of Canadian Solar, Inc. we include their modules in proposals, by default, as our best-priced offer… With their 25-year Linear Output Warranty and 10-year Product Warranty, you can be sure that you will have a “best-in-class” product, in terms of output and reliability.

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CS6K – 280M

  • All-Black finish for better aesthetics on Residential roofs
  • High Performance at low irradiance above 96.5%
  • Excellent module efficiency of up to 17.11%
  • Good energy yield per square foot, for maximizing available roof space
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CS6X – 310/315/320/325P

  • Robust 72-cell module for commercial and agricultural projects (roof or ground)
  • Great module efficiency of 16.94%
  • Low irradiance performance – 96.0%
  • Suited for all environments – resistance to salt mist, ammonia, and blown sand
  • IP67 junction box for log-term weather endurance

Coming Soon…


CS6U- 315/320/325/330P

  • Next generation of MaxPower modules
  • Increased module efficiency up to 16.97%
  • Same quality standards and innovation…

If you prefer to look at other options, here are few other module manufacturers that could be substituted into your own custom proposal: