Visalia Solar Install
Vigorous Visalia Solar System installed by AltSys Solar

AltSys Solar’s would like to feature this vigorous Visalia home solar system today. When you are ready to see if solar is right for for you give us a call (559) 688-2544 – or chat with us online on our website.

No sales pitch, no gimmicks – just a conversation about solar and if solar is right for you and your situation. AltSys Solar is your local Solar and Battery Storage Experts and are ready to help with your Energy Management needs.

Ballast Roof Solar System


” Dynamic or real-time pricing can make room for more solar and wind power on the grid, by shifting consumption to times of high solar and wind generation. Yet the key selling point for dynamic pricing could be its potential to cut costs both for customers, who can buy more of their electricity when prices are low, and for the system as a whole, due to reductions in peak demand. “

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Product Manufacturers- that we prefer:

Solar Array Structure Hardware

ironridge logo

The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines the strength of their rails with locally-sourced steel pipes (or mechanical tubing) to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any terrain challenge at installation site.

Installation is simple with only a few structural components; plus no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. The System works with a variety of foundation options, like concrete piers and driven piles.

California-based company, with over 15-year history growing and even leading it’s market.

mounting systems logo

One of the biggest international suppliers of solar racking products and so they offer not just one but three options for Ground-based Solar Arrays:

Sigma Pure- the most ideal ground mount system, pre-engineered system with off-the-shelve components, immediately available through your local distributor for a convenient ground mount solution, for projects under 100 kW.

Sigma Alu- Best suited for projects over 100 kW, by being one of the most flexible designs available accommodating project specifications…

Sigma Steel- The design of aluminum with the strength of steel. It is designed specifically for commercial- and larger utility-scale systems.

Sacramento-based company, sister branch of German manufacturer.