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By Mark Chediak and Kiel PorterJanuary 13, 2019, 5:24 PM PST

“The San Francisco-based company has begun a search for a new CEO following Williams’ departure, according to a statement issued Sunday. PG&E general counsel John Simon will take the helm in the meantime. Williams, 57, took over as CEO in March 2017 and is leaving after a catastrophic three months for PG&E.”

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Commercial Solar Rooftop Install

By Billy Ludt | January 9, 2019

“Solar modules no longer need to simply wind up in the landfill once they’re decommissioned. Is a panel cracked? Shattered? At the end of its warranty lifetime? That panel can still serve a purpose, whether run through a recycling process and fed back into the supply chain; or repurposed or reused as a replacement panel or a power source for a smaller project.”

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November 06, 2018 08:40 ET Source: Ciel & Terre

“Salad Cosmo USA, a family-owned bean sprout producer in Dixon, California, has made an environment commitment that includes using recyclable packaging, composting waste products for use in the fields, and irrigating with waste water. As part of that commitment, Salad Cosmo wanted a sustainable energy solution for production and hired Sky Power Solar of San Ramon, California, to install a 600 kWp floating solar plant using Ciel & Terre’s floating photovoltaic technology.”

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Ballast Roof Solar System


” Dynamic or real-time pricing can make room for more solar and wind power on the grid, by shifting consumption to times of high solar and wind generation. Yet the key selling point for dynamic pricing could be its potential to cut costs both for customers, who can buy more of their electricity when prices are low, and for the system as a whole, due to reductions in peak demand. “

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AltSys Solar Inc. ☀️ is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Canned Food Tree Celebration presented by FoodLink Tulare County and Tulare Outlets. This event is to build a healthy, hunger-free Tulare County this holiday season. Here is the AltSys Solar Canned Food Tree below!

Canned Christmas Tree
AltSys Solar Canned Christmas Tree
PV townhome

By JEFF COLLINS | | Orange County Register

“California officially became the first state in the nation requiring homes built in 2020 or later be solar powered Wednesday, Dec. 5, after a Sacramento panel endorsed “a historic undertaking” that adds the solar requirement to the state building code.”

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Solar On Roof

By Anne Hoskins Nov. 28, 2018

“The recently released Fourth National Climate Assessment provides yet another warning that our 100-year-old electricity system was not designed with our changing climate in mind and that communities will bear severe consequences if we do not take action. We must adapt and embrace technological solutions like rooftop solar and home batteries, which will help build a safer, more resilient and modern electricity grid.”

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“PG&E Corp. plans to replace three natural gas-fired power plants in California with battery-storage systems as the state continues its push to squeeze fossil fuels out of the electricity mix.”

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How the Humble Lamp-Post Could Help Power our Cities…

“Cement mixtures made from power station waste could turn buildings in to batteries, for example. These potassium-geopolymetric (KGP) composites are cheaper than ordinary cement and can store electricity. A six-metre tall lamp-post made from KGP and equipped with a small solar panel could hold enough energy to power itself throughout the evening, researchers say.”

“We have shown that KGP cement mixtures can be used to store and deliver electrical energy without the need for expensive or hazardous additives,” says Lancaster University professor Mohamed Saafi, who is heading up the research.”

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Solar Panel System

“By 2020, California’s three major investor-owned utilities (IOUs) will begin rolling out the first U.S. system-wide default TOU rates to their 22.5 million residential customers. But some say TOU rates should be a lot simpler than those being proposed by California’s IOUs and that they are not doing enough to educate customers.”

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