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Rooftop Solar must be part of California’s wildfire mitigation plans

By Anne Hoskins Nov. 28, 2018 “The recently released Fourth National Climate Assessment provides yet another warning that our 100-year-old electricity system was not designed with our changing climate in mind and that communities will bear severe consequences if we do not take action. We must adapt and embrace technological solutions like rooftop solar and […]

Wind Is Cheapest, Followed by Solar

by:Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News “There was a time when utility companies could say coal plants were a bargain. Many of the same companies viewed wind and solar as too expensive to do on a large scale. I’m not talking about ancient history. This was 2008, when I started covering energy. Since then, the costs of […]


How Solar & Batteries Shift Electric Grid Decision Making From Utilities To Consumers

“The combination of distributed energy storage and distributed solar is reversing the power flow, allowing customers and communities to generate most of their energy at home or nearby. It’s also reversing the political power in the system, enabling customers to evade most utility strategies for curtailing competition. In short, it’s a technology shift that enables […]


What is Potassium-Geopolymetric (KGP)?

How the Humble Lamp-Post Could Help Power our Cities… “Cement mixtures made from power station waste could turn buildings in to batteries, for example. These potassium-geopolymetric (KGP) composites are cheaper than ordinary cement and can store electricity. A six-metre tall lamp-post made from KGP and equipped with a small solar panel could hold enough energy […]


Does Solar Increase Home Value?

Does a solar system installed on your home increase the home value? Click the link below from an article by Solar Power World to learn more about the latest data results…and then call AltSys Solar Inc. ☀️ at (559) 688-2544 for your FREE quote to start saving money now! Click to read…