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This review is based solely on the installation appointment and the team. The inspection hasn’t happened yet, so I cannot rate the installation or effectiveness of the equipment yet…

…Altsys Solar brought a crew of 4 and upon arriving, they introduced themselves to us, asked basic pre-install questions, informed me of their activities, and went on their merry way. Oh, and they showed up early at 7am to survey the site from the outside, and didn’t connect with us until 10 minutes before our scheduled appointment at 8am. This was a great because they cam prepared.

They got straight to work. Occasionally, I would go outside and watch. We chatted and if I had any questions, they didn’t hesitate to answer and educate me. Everyone on the crew was professional.

They spent most of the day working on the mounting system and wrapped up the last 2 hours actually putting on the panels and testing the system. When they finished (right on time based on their initial estimate), the crew walked me through their work and showed me how to use the system.

It still needs to be inspected and approved to be connected to the grid, but that isn’t Altsys Solar’s responsibility.

They were very respectful and clean – they didn’t leave any garbage or mess behind, and put everything back that they had to move to do the install.  Thank you guys!

Jeff W.Dublin, CA - Sungevity Lease InstallYelp.com Review

“… The work was performed in a timely and professional manner. The system went online … worked very well.

Near the end of a particularly wet spring in March, I noticed two relatively small leaks on the front and rear porches. Immediately, I called the roofer… He told me that my black composition roof had broken down and that I needed a new roof.

He then told me of a similar situation he had recently… the Solar system had to be removed and re-installed. The [other] homeowner called the Solar installer and was told the company had gone “out of business.” … The roofer told me that this had cost the owner several thousand dollars!

Therefore, I went to Altsys to report my dilemma… expecting bad news. However, the first contact was with Mitchel Evans. He told me that their installers were told NOT to [ever] install.. on a questionable roof! He told me that he would check, however; he also said “I HAVE NO PROBLEM REMOVING AND RE-INSTALLING..!” Needless to say: I now have a LIFE-TIME roof and a great Solar System.

Too often, local companies lose contracts to larger, out-of-town companies… My story proves that it pays to use local contractors like AltSys!”

Dewayne HoppertTulare, CA

Dear Mitch + Crew,

Just want to thank you for all you did to make my Solar System possible. Every member of the crew were courteous, helpful, and respectful of my home. There wasn’t a single one of you I wouldn’t invite into my home. Your team effort to “make it right” and finish the job correctly was truly remarkable. May you all be blessed!


Lurane + Tom VanNortwick